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The Widow/Widower ministry was started in April, 1993 when Wayne Mccollough was asked to start a support group for these persons who had lost a spouse by death.  Wayne had been a widower for about 5 years and knew the steps required to recover from this type of loss.  The group started with about 8 people and meets twice a month.  Royce Brooks and Martha Sell are the assistant leaders of the support group, which now averages 30 each meeting.

Sharon Pitman, one of the original support group attendees, suggested we start a workshop for widow/widowers.  A planning committee was established, and with the help of Al Garvin, church councilor and minister, a workshop model was written.   The first workshop was held in November of 1993 attended by over 50 people and has continued to this day.  The work shop is held 2 times a year and has been attended by over 1200 people.  We have had attendees travel from South Africa, California, Colorado, Missouri and many other places.

We also have a committee that plans monthly actives for the group. As a widow or widower recovers from the loss of a spouse they need a safe place to socialize with other people.

As one of the best known widow/widower ministries in Oklahoma, one only need to visit with a person that has attended the support group or workshop to understand the impact it had on their lives.  We invite any widow or widower to attend the support group or the workshop.

Call 747-8601 or click on the brochure links below for more information.


Support Group

 Support Group Flyer

Led by people that understand your loss

 Share and care discussions

 A strong fellowship group

 Planned social activities



We meet at

Christ United Methodist Church

3515 S. Harvard

The 2nd and 4th Wednesday

each month at 7:00pm

2015 Workshops

April 11-12 and Sept 26-27


After the death of a spouse, the other person is left to deal with the emotions of: grief, loneliness, loss of purpose, and no hope for the future. This emotional pain can be so great that it can effect the ability to function mentally and physically. Most people who are dealing with these emotions do not know where to go for help.

Christ United Methodist Church has a workshop to help you deal with your loss and rebuild your life. By attending this workshop, you will discover how to live a productive life after the death of your loved one.

Workshop Goals

  • Determine where you are emotionally and where you want to be.
  • Learn how to cope with the grief that is a part of losing a spouse.
  • Develop new skills to survive being single again.
  • Make new friends in a caring, Christian atmosphere.
  • Build your self-esteem.
  • Review the building blocks that are a necessary part of becoming a whole person again.
  • Learn the aspects of Christian decision-making with faith and courage.


The people leading this workshop have all experienced the loss of a loved one. They have felt the pain and heartache that never seems to end. They share the emotions and struggles they experienced during their journey through recovery.


To cover expenses of the meals and materials, there is a $25 fee for the workshop.  Contact the church office for further information and to register.